informative and inspiring. 
open and honest.
creative and exciting.
a place where photographers and friends can gather together...
to share, learn and grow.

we are deb schwedhelm and leah zawadzki--best friends, photographers, artists.  for us, photography is so much more than running a small business; it's about the love and passion of it all. wallflower friends was created (after years of discussion and brainstorming) because we wanted to do something different. something unique. something that inspires and encourages.  we wanted a photography retreat that not only fosters learning and growing, but also strongly infuses inspiration, excitement and creativity.  the information we share has been gathered over the years and is based on our photography, business and life practices.  and we're so thankful to be able to share.  

please note that wallflower firends retreats are currently on hold due to the fact that deb and leah are currently living on opposite sides of the world (zushi, japan and orange, california); however, you can follow their collaborative HERE & THERE project at